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Earthing Solution


right Soil resistivity measurement as per WENNER method
right Selection of buried earthing grid conductor and equipment earthing conductor sizes
right Earthing design calculation using internationally recognized software as per IEEE-80
right Earth grid layout and detailed installation drawings with bill of materials
right Site supervision of the earthing system installation
right Verification of earth grid joints’ contact resistance
right Field testing of the earth grid by simulating a high current fault as per IEEE-81 to evaluate the attainable step potentials, touch potentials, ground potential rise (GPR) and earth grid impedance.

Our Design report contains the following:

  • Test Results Summary.
  • Conductor Sizing Calculation.
  • Soil Model.
  • Soil Analysis Report.
  • Grid Layout.
  • Grid Analysis Report.
  • Potential Profile Plots.
  • Potential Profile Reports.
  • Potential Contour Plots.