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Earthing Solution

-> Soil resistivity measurement as per WENNER method
-> Selection of buried earthing grid conductor and equipment earthing conductor sizes
-> Earthing design calculation using internationally recognized software as per IEEE-80
-> Earth grid layout and detailed installation drawings with bill of  materials  
-> Site supervision of the earthing system installation
-> Verification of earth grid joints’ contact resistance
-> Field testing of the earth grid by simulating a high current fault as per IEEE-81 to evaluate the        attainable step potentials, touch potentials, ground potential rise (GPR)  and earth grid impedance.


Our Design report contains the following:

- Test Results Summary.

- Conductor Sizing Calculation.
- Soil Model.
- Soil Analysis Report.
- Grid Layout.
- Grid Analysis Report.
- Potential Profile Plots.
- Potential Profile Reports.
- Potential Contour Plots.


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